In that beautiful moment when your partner has proposed to you and you open your mouth to kiss him, only YOU can understand the massive amount of disaster that could happen when a creepy mosquito gets inside your mouth! It might sound a little funny, but if it really happens, I am sure you will feel doomed. If you are smart enough, you would use a smart app on your Android phone to keep the bugs away. This app would repel all mosquitoes and other irritable insects. So, the next time you are in an intense situation, you can make sure that a bug will not bug you.

Andti mosquito apps

I know, repelling mosquitoes using your Android phone might sound a little weird, but it is true! The Android market is flooded with these insect repelling apps, which can be used to keep away most of the insects. Insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches and crickets can be chased away using these apps. You need not use chemical based insecticides that might cause harm to your health. Download an anti mosquito app that can help you repel the annoying insects. This is a greener and safer method to reduce insect attacks. Here, we have discussed few of the best apps that can help ward of this buzzing evil.

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